VEGA is a Flight Management System was originally developed by Kyoritsu, and equipped with all of our aircraft and operated.
The latest model, VEGAV, can obtain ship position, altitude, and speed from the GPS signal, and guide aircraft correctly in the shooting course.
This system also has the ability to save its own shooting point, therefore, after photographing, it is possible to facilitate tracking check and has realized to save significant time for post-treatment process.
When photography flight plannning, photographers convert their shooting plan to the numeric data which calls FLT files. In the simple manner as calculating by PC, it is possible to create accurately courses even if they are complicated directions.

To respond for new demand, we introduced the UltraCam Xp system.

UltraCam Xp


Panchromatic image size 17310×11310
Panchromatic physical pixel size 6.0
Panchromatic lens focal distance 100
Frame rate(flame/s) 0.5
Radiometric resolution in eachcolor channel (bit) 12
In flight capacity 6600
(cm:at 500m)

To respond for new demand, we introduced the UltraCam Fp system.

UltraCam Fp
Product Microsoft
Type UltraCamFalconPrime
Image size(pixel) 17310×11310
Physical Pixel size(μm) 6.0
Focal distance (mm) 100
FoV (across×along) 55×37
Flame rate  (flame/s) 0.66
Radiometric resolution in each color channel (bit) 12
Mass memory  (1set) 5200
GSD (cm:at 500m) 3.0

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